..Become a Greeting Card Writer!
By Catherine Delaney
If you have the talent
write greeting
, you could
earn money
greeting cards at
Writing greeting cards requires a
special writing talent,  just like

writing poetry
and writing song
.  It's a great way for poets and
to make money writing from
home in your spare time.

Writing words for greeting cards can
be a fun and easy way for writers to
earn money. After all, people will
always celebrate anniversaries,
birthdays, Valentine's Day, and other
occasions by giving someone a
greeting card.  

Greeting cards sell for several dollars
each, and if you multiplied that by the
millions of cards sold each year, it's
easy to see how writers can make a
lot of money
writing greeting cards.
If you'd like to start earning money by
writing greeting cards
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How to Earn Money Writing
Greeting Cards From Home
Earn Money Writing Greeting Cards in Your Spare Time
Not everyone has the talent to be able to
write greeting cards, which requires writers  
to write from the heart, and write what so
many of us would like to say.

This is why many greeting card companies
turn to poets and writers to write the
for their greeting cards.
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